Reinventing OHS Audits

Well implemented OHS programs ensure that everyone goes home safely at the end of each day. The way companies ensure that their safety program meets the high standards of national and regional industry groups is by auditing them. That’s why we’re committed to making auditing easier and more valuable. 

Our Journey

OHS audits are critical to effective workplace health and safety programs. Yet they’ve always been so fragmented and labour-intensive to conduct.

AuditSoft was created to solve this headache and bring OHS auditing into the digital age.

Our founding team’s expertise spans operational, legal and regulatory compliance, software, and health and safety. Together, we’re making auditing easier and more impactful for safety professionals and associations through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation.

Meet the team who are transforming the world of OHS auditing.

Our Team

Co-Founder and CEO.



Co-Founder and OHS subject matter expert.



Co-Founder and operations lead.



Co-Founder and our development team lead.



Frontline support for desktop & web-applications.


Customer Support

Managing AuditSoft's Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing

Developing software that builds AuditSoft.


Software Developer

Management of marketing content and social media.


Content Manager

Development of AudtSoft applications.


Software Developer

Heading sales and partnerships at AuditSoft.


VP, Sales & Partnerships

Developing applications for AuditSoft.


Software Developer

Software development.


Software Developer

We Believe

AuditSoft is built on the belief that everyone has the fundamental right to be safe at work, and that:

  • All global organizations must recognize and act on the value of occupational safety, health and well-being as part of their good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility & sustainability
  • New credible insights into the measurement, management, and reporting of safety and health sustainability practices and performance is required
  • OHS management systems audits play an imperative role in such measurement, management and reporting process
  • Technology has a significant role to play in the enablement of a standardises (harmonized) solution, which will provide valuable and actionable data to drive continuous improvement
  • AuditSoft will pay a pivotal role as innovator, inventor, thought leader and enabler in this space

Partners to a Growing Number of Associations

AuditSoft helps Associations and Certifying Bodies of all shapes and sizes equip their members with industry-leading audit tools. We’re helping our partners save their members time and effort while adding value to the audit process and enabling data-driven decisions.