AuditSoft was founded by a team committed to reinventing OHSMS Audits. Through the application of innovative technology and Design Thinking we have enhanced not only the process, but also the level of value-add. The value is realized through trusted actionable audit outcomes that help mitigate associated OHS risk, drives continuous improvement, proves good corporate governance and goes beyond just compliance.

Executive Team

TJ Snyman


Lisa Snyman


Andy Palmowski


Ben Snyman


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reinvent OHS Auditing. To enable, through technology, an evidence-based audit process, compliant with ISO 19011:2018 guidelines, to drive credible, reliable, reproducible and value-add audit results. To have OHS audits play a trusted role in:

  • managing and mitigating OHS risks within the auditee’s places of work,
  • driving continuous improvement of their OHS management system; and
  • being an integral part of their due diligence process to prove good corporate governance and social responsibility & sustainability

We Believe

AuditSoft is built on the belief that:

  • All global organizations must recognize and act on the value of occupational safety, health and well-being as part of their good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility & sustainability
  • New credible insights into the measurement, management, and reporting of safety and health sustainability practices and and performance is required
  • OHS management systems audits play an imperative role in such measurement, management and reporting process
  • Technology has a significant role to play in the enablement of a standardises (harmonized) solution, which will provide valuable and actionable data to drive continuous improvement
  • AuditSoft will pay a pivotal role as innovator, inventor, thought leader and enabler in this space