2023 ABC Joint Tech Summit: 5 Takeaways


ryan quiring

abc 2023 joint tech summit

I recently had the privilege of attending the annual ABC Joint Tech Summit in Tysons Corner, Virginia, with the AuditSoft team. Four ABC chapters representing over 1500 ABC member companies came together to host a full day of captivating speakers.

There were so many insightful discussions but a couple of standout sessions for me: 1) Paul Doherty’s comprehensive coverage on how the construction industry will harness the Metaverse. 2) Joe Xavier’s panel on the practical implementation of safety technology – featuring Anabella Perez Midence, Jason Kibler, and Frank Trujillo, who shared their experiences in the field.

2023 ABC Joint Tech event
Pictured: AuditSoft’s CEO Ben Snyman + Ryan Quiring. AuditSoft was a proud sponsor of this year’s event.

A few key takeaways from the event:

  1. The “best” software or app on the market might not be the right one for you
  2. Technology is fundamentally changing how construction companies deliver projects. The companies that ignore this shift risk getting left behind.
  3. Innovation is not just buying technology – it’s a mindset.
  4. Cyber criminals target small to medium construction firms, steeling revenue.
  5. AI won’t take your job, but people using AI will!


This was a fantastic even put together by the ABC chapters;

  • Metro Washington
  • Greater Baltimore
  • Virginia
  • Chesapeake Shores


Along with support from ABC nationals Matt Ables and Josef Bukart.

We will be back next year!

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