AuditSoftTM Enables Remote COR Audits During Pandemic


Within the same week that the temporary changes to the COR audit were mandated [by Alberta Labour and Immigration], AuditSoftTM was able to provide AASP and other Certifying Partners with a first class electronic solution approved by Alberta Labour to keep serving our members and our auditors providing them with the tools they needed to stay on track and complete their audits in these challenging times” – Ray Gaetz, COO of the AASP.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Alberta Labour and Immigration, Certifying Partners (CPs) and the WCB have made temporary changes to the COR program. This was done to assist Alberta employers to maintain their COR and for auditors to maintain their auditor certification status and work during the pandemic. A summary of temporary measures for the audit includes:

  • Audits being limited to documentation review (specifically excluding employee Interviews and observation tours) from March 17 to December 31, 2020
  • Employers certified under this process will receive a one-year COR, and will remain eligible for WCB PIR refunds

AuditSoftTM is a highly configurable auditing solution and was able to implement the new temporary changes within a few hours of the announcement of the temporary changes. This resulted in minimal disruption to the Certifying Partners it serves; and at no additional cost for the implementation of the changes.

AuditSoft’s quick action and ability to offer a solution in a time of significant change and confusion allowed them to stand out among their peers. This company is putting the right foot forward.” ” – Erik Sherman, AMTA Director, Injury Reduction & Training, COR.

AuditSoftTM enables auditors to conduct high-quality efficient audits through a systematic and intuitive audit process. The 3 enabling elements of AuditSoft are:

  • Incorporation of best practices and guidelines for performing COR audits
  • Automatic generation a professionally formatted final audit reports
  • Creation of “suggestion for improvement” action plans to drive continuous improvement
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About AASP

Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) is Alberta Government approved Certifying Partner and a registered non-profit organization under the Society Act of Alberta. The AASP is a service focused Certifying Partner, providing a practical and reasonable approach to health and safety in the workplace. Through our commitment to our members, and solely through their funding of memberships and course fees, the AASP has grown to be the second largest issuer of Certificates of Recognition (COR and SECOR) in the province. The AASP is also the largest Certifying Partner that serves all industries in Alberta while receiving no government funding.

About AMTA

Since 1938, the Alberta Motor Transport Association and its members have advanced the commercial transportation industry through safety programs, progressive policy and partnerships. Their influence is evident on every highway—where the work they do, the training and expertise we impart, becomes clear-cut confidence behind the wheel. To learn more visit their website at

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