AuditSoft Clients

AuditSoft is trusted by its partners (Associations/Certifying Partners/Certifying Bodies) to increase the efficiencies and quality assurance of their auditing and certification program; and loved by auditors to make the process of auditing more efficient and effective. Our customers rely on us to drive continuous improvement of OHS management systems through reliable, value-add audits – and we take that responsibility seriously.


AuditSoft views the many Associations, Certifying Partners and Certifying Bodies we support across Canada and the US as Partners. Helping our partners being successful is our success. We help our partners supply their members with cutting-edge auditing tools – including customized solutions. This helps our partners grow their membership – attracting new members and retaining them through superior, value-add audit solutions, products and services.

Our list of partners is continuously expanding. Keep an eye out for more coming soon!

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Trusted by Organizations Across North America

Below is a list of organizations that have partnered with AuditSoft: