COR™ Scorecard – Features

AuditSoft has built AuditXchange to provide insight and analysis into your COR™ audit results.

The COR™ Scorecard is the first module of the AuditXchange product to allow for comparative analysis. COR™ Scorecard provides insightful data and suggestions to support decisions and drive continuous improvement of your OHS program.


Measure how you are performing against your peers anonymously


Highlight and celebrate your strengths


Identify opportunities for improvement

COR Scorecard

1. Scorecard Summary/Breakdown

Our COR™ Scorecard summary provides you with a general breakdown of how you score in different elements and how you compare.  If you are not up to date – our Readiness assessment tool can provide you with relevant documentation & resources to get you ready for your COR™ 2020 Audit.

COR Scorecard summary

2. Association Wide Audit Score Distribution

View your results and identify where you score compared to other associations in your industry to find out whether or not you need improvement in your current system.

3. Strengths & Opportunities

Our Strengths and Opportunities card shows your performance and how it compares with the industry benchmark.


Bar Chart Visualization – Industry/Assoc. Averages

Enhanced Details

COR Scorecard Details Page

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