Flash Features Series⚡
Episode 1: Member Scorecard Overview

In Episode 1, join Elichke Duncan from AuditSoft for an exclusive tour of our powerful Scorecard, available to organizations that have had audits or assessments completed with AuditSoft [~7 minutes].

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Radha Saikia
Customer Success

Elichke Duncan

Elichke Duncan
Support Associate

Andy Palmowski

Peter Spence
VP of Partnerships

Flash Features Series⚡

Episode 1 | Member Scorecard Overview

Join AuditSoft’s Elichke Duncan in this 7-minute scorecard walk-through.

Episode highlights:

  • Deep dive into audit/assessment results
  • Peer-to-peer comparison
  • Leveraging data in reports

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Episode 2 | Generating Action Plans

Join AuditSoft’s Elichke Duncan in this 5-minute demo on generating actions plans with AuditSoft.

[Coming Soon]

Flash Features Series⚡

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