AuditSoft-approved associations in Alberta

Alberta COR Safety Associations

Canada’s Most Trusted OHS Auditing & Data Analytics Software

AuditSoft partners with associations to reduce OHS auditing time and unlock a wealth of audit insights to provide a more in-depth view of OHSMS performance and enable data-driven decision-making.

AuditSoft for auditors:

  • Reduces OHS auditing time by 30-50%
  • Audits can be completed and submitted end to end from one app
  • Professional PDF audit reports are generated in one click
  • Enables real-time collaboration on team audits
AuditSoft for businesses:
  • Provides a breakdown of scoring across the key audit elements
  • Enables performance to be viewed against industry peers
  • Provides suggestions for improvement based on comparison with industry benchmarks

AuditSoft for associations:

  • Drives inter-auditor consistency through built-in guidelines
  • Reduces time spent on audit Quality Assurance (QA) processes
  • Captures all historic audit data to easily manage certification
  • Simple tools that deliver value to members

Audit with one of the above associations? Download AuditSoft and get started with simpler audits right away!


“The AuditSoft software is so easy to use and the efficiency that it brings to the auditing process is great. I have been able to provide faster service and completion to my clients. I recommend AuditSoft to Auditors and the Associations that haven’t yet signed on.”
– OHS auditor