AuditSoft’s Readiness Assessment Tool is used as a gap analysis for your health and safety system to the COR™ 2020 standard. The Readiness solution allows you to track your progression as you update your system to COR™ 2020, and provides resources you can use as a roadmap to get your system up to speed. Including auditor Pro-Tips – Users can understand what a certified auditor would be looking for.

Readiness Assessment Tool – Features

1. COR™ 2020 Documentation Review

Our COR™ 2020 documentation guidelines is an audit of your current program. This initial step ensures that you are up to speed with the COR™ 2020 standard. If you are not up to date – we provide you with relevant documentation & resources to get you ready for your COR™ 2020 Audit.

2. Evidence Gathering

View your results and identify where you have gaps or areas you need improvement in your current system. Our Guidelines and resources provide you with more detailed information on how you can reach COR™ 2020 Compliance.

Evidence Gathering Gap analysis

3. Audit Results - Resources & Downloadable Documents

Our tool provides helpful resources and documents readily available for each area you are struggling with in your journey to become COR™ 2020 compliant.

4. PRO-TIPS From Our Auditing Experts

Pro-tips from certified auditors to guide you in successfully updating your system to COR™ 2020

Auditsoft Pro-tips

Pro tips from AuditSoftAuditsoft Pro-tips 2

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