AuditSoft Forges Strategic Partnership with SiteDocs to Transform COR Auditing


AuditSoft x SiteDocs

Calgary, AB, [January 23, 2024] – AuditSoft, Canada’s most trusted COR auditing software, proudly unveils its strategic alliance with SiteDocs, an industry-leading safety management software. This landmark partnership represents a shared commitment to making Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits more efficient and valuable – and enabling businesses to achieve certification more easily by reducing administrative efforts.

This collaboration bridges SiteDocs’ cutting-edge digital safety management system with AuditSoft’s renowned audit solutions. COR auditors will now be able to seamlessly attach documents from SiteDocs directly into their AuditSoft audits.

“At AuditSoft, our vision is centered on making safety and compliance auditing easier and more impactful,” says Peter Spence, VP of Partnerships & Sales at AuditSoft. “Teaming up with SiteDocs, a fellow advocate for streamlined COR processes, aligns perfectly with our mission. COR is the best way for organizations in Canada to demonstrate their commitment to occupational health and safety, and we’re thrilled to be working with SiteDocs to streamline COR and promote certification.”

“Making safety and compliance easier is at the heart of everything we do,” said Thomas Andres, Chief Innovation Officer at SiteDocs. “SiteDocs streamlines COR audits by digitizing paperwork and organizing signed forms for quick and easy access, significantly reducing audit preparation time. By eliminating paperwork and spreadsheet hassles, SiteDocs and AuditSoft are reshaping COR audits to save our users time and effort.”

In today’s fast-changing environment, industries are heavily investing in environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software to drive efficiencies and reduce risks. This collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both companies to enabling connected EHSQ environments, catering to immediate and future industry needs.

By resolving inefficiencies and offering safety professionals instant access to critical safety documentation, AuditSoft and SiteDocs are making safety and compliance easier and more efficient.


About AuditSoft

AuditSoft is the leading safety and compliance auditing software. Associations and Certifying Bodies partner with AuditSoft to supply their members with innovative auditing tools and unlock valuable audit insights. Each year, AuditSoft is used to conduct thousands of audits in high-risk industries across Canada. Find more information about AuditSoft at

About SiteDocs

SiteDocs is the industry-leading Safety Management Software empowering organizations, simplifying their journey to ensure workplace safety and compliance. With real-time compliance monitoring, contractor safety management, advanced analytics, and more, they assist businesses in streamlining work-safe operations, reducing incidents, and ultimately saving valuable time, resources, and lives. Find more information about SiteDocs at

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