The #1 Audit Tool

AuditSoft is the leading audit tool used to complete thousands of safety and compliance audits across North America. Our software eliminates the manual tasks that cause delays and errors in audits and enables best practice auditing at scale.

Make Auditing More Efficient and Impactful

AuditSoft streamlines and improves the auditing process to:

✔️ Reduce auditing time by up to 50%

✔️ Drive inter-auditor consistency and standardization

✔️ Make it easy to justify audit findings

✔️ Ensure audit results are accurate and repeatable

✔️ Improve QA processes for associations

Features That Streamline and Improve Auditing

Automated Calculations

Produce accurate results with automated scoring


Generate boardroom-ready PDF reports in one click


Track progress and get notifications on gaps and deadlines

Central Repository

Access past reports and reference historical data

Version Control

Manage different document drafts and maintain an audit trail


Work with up to 20 team members at the same time

Transform The Auditing Process

"I've spent 18 years as a health and safety consultant and have conducted 300+ audits - over half with this tool. I can't imagine auditing without it. It seamlessly adapts to different provincial guidelines, enables easy data entry and report creation, automates scoring, simplifies document attachment, and enables secure sharing. This software has transformed my auditing. I highly recommend it."
review from cam mitchell
Cam Mitchell
External Auditor CRSP, CHSC

AuditSoft can be used for:

✔️ Safety audits (including COR audits)

✔️ Environmental audits

✔️ Compliance audits

✔️ Mental health audits

✔️ Sustainability audits

No more paper

Say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets. With the AuditSoft auditing tool, the whole audit process and workflow is digitized. Evidence is gathered and assessed, and findings documented, all in one easy-to-use application.

Support at your fingertips

Each step of the audit is supported with clear and easy-to-follow guidelines, instructions and auditor tips. No more guessing what to do or what to look for. Even example interview questions are provided.

Simple uploading of evidence

Evidence of supporting documentation, pictures to capture observations and proof of implementation and interviews can be uploaded straight to the application.

AuditSoft Tool

Automated calculations

No more manual tallying of interview results, scoring and calculating averages. All calculations are automated – saving you time and preventing potential errors.

No more wasted time
on report writing

Once you have uploaded your evidence, completed your assessment and documented your findings, a professionally indexed and formatted audit report is generated with a click of a button. This includes links to supporting documents referenced within the report.

AuditSoft Tool
AuditSoft Tool

Continuous improvement

Once you have completed the audit, all your corrective actions and suggestions for improvements can be exported into a Corrective Action Plan in one click. This will drive continuous improvement, mitigate identified risks, and close the loop on the audit.

Inter-auditor consistency

Through automated checks and balances and calculations, auditor guidelines, explicit rules, and tips, AuditSoft ensures a high level of inter-auditor consistency. This means AuditSoft ensures that different auditors reach similar results in similar situations. This adds more value and credibility to measure ongoing progress and certification to a set level of OHS management system quality.
AuditSoft Tool

Value to Safety Pros

Value to Associations

“I was very new to internal safety audits and started the course ‘green’. I found the software easy to navigate and organized in its setup as you work through the audit.”

- K. Carson

Quick Silver Wireline

Quick Silver Wireline
“AuditSoft is a leader in the OHS auditing software space and is helping us deliver excellent customer service and results. We love AuditSoft and so do our auditors and members – it’s a win-win.”

- R. Gaetz


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