We’re proud to work with our partners to build connected, user-friendly EHSQ software ecosystems to support the safety and compliance industry and improve the auditing experience. Learn more about them below.

Corfix is a cloud-based safety and project management software designed by former construction workers to streamline workflow and be a seamless addition to the jobsite. From one user-friendly tool you can send and sign forms, assign tasks, track progress, access binder materials and proof of certification, as well as tracking hours and workers. GPS-enabled timekeeping integrates directly with your accounting platform so you can manage payroll and reduce costly errors, while dashboards and reports give you 360° oversight from anywhere. Easy to adopt and full of features that will promote transparency, efficiency, and profitability – without getting in your way.

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EHS Analytics is the leading provider of data solutions for process and occupational safety, offering expertise in data structuring, data acquisition, advanced analytics, and proprietary machine learning models.

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SALUS is a comprehensive safety software provider that understands the complexities of safety and the impact it has on the bottom line – all while recognizing the hierarchies at work. This expertise, combined with a desire to innovate, allows them to deliver a safety management solution that addresses inefficiencies and risks associated with manual safety processes in order to keep teams safe and organizations on top of their safety game. Their first of its kind integration with AuditSoft enables you to effortlessly embed safety documents such as forms, certificates, and compliance reports directly into your audit reports.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace safety, SafetyLoop stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our web and mobile-based platform is tailored to elevate your Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) into the realm of real-time, responsive oversight and control. Simplify and elevate your accreditation journey with SafetyLoop. We’ve mastered the art of streamlining the complex process of preparing for COR®, making it simple for you. Say goodbye to unnecessary time and effort as we pave the way for an efficient and hassle-free OH&S prequalification.

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Experience the power of Site App Pro, a leading digital solution for enhancing health and safety in the construction industry. Designed to significantly mitigate risks and enhance business efficiency, it caters to both large enterprises and solo contractors. By streamlining contractor management and enabling seamless, real-time communication, Site App Pro provides actionable insights that drive smarter operations. The platform excels in equipment and asset management and delivers superior training, empowering teams to achieve top performance. Committed to advancing safety and compliance, Site App Pro ensures the highest standards of success and quality assurance in every project.

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It’s difficult to maintain a safe workplace using paper or inadequate software. SiteDocs Safety Management Software helps companies streamline operations with digital forms, ensure compliance with real-time monitoring, and reduce injuries with advanced analytics. This makes safety compliance easier for everyone, saving time, money, and lives.

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For more than thirty-five years, EHS leaders have come to trust STP ComplianceEHS as a reliable content resource and partner to enable best-in-class audit and compliance management programs that form the foundation for their EHS management system and ESG program. Developed and maintained by EHS industry professionals, our audit publications and associated protocols, full-text content and regulatory monitoring provide comprehensive, up-to-date coverage for environmental, health and safety, legal and corporate governance issues. With products like STP AuditHub and STP RegHub, the STP ComplianceSuite streamlines planning, assessment, and tracking of compliance requirements, enhancing global business efficiency.

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*The AuditSoft Open API connects third-party EHS software platforms with our powerful audit tool and analytical data warehouse.

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Peter Spence
Peter Spence
AuditSoft VP Sales & Partnerships

“If you share our user-centric approach to EHSQ software and are committed to driving positive change in the safety and compliance industry, let’s explore a partnership to maximize our impact.”

AuditSoft Partnership Benefits:

Leading audit data analytics: AuditSoft is revolutionizing the way data is collected, shared, and utilized to reduce risks and ensure a safer work environment. Join our mission.

Maximize value to industry: Approved partner platforms gain access to powerful features that enable the effortless import of audit evidence examples into their AuditSoft COR audits. This streamlines workflows, reduces audit time, and eliminates the tedium of data transfer – supporting continuous improvement.

Joint marketing campaigns: From webinars to case studies to roadshows. We’ll leverage each other’s brand to drive positive outcomes that benefit us both and drive the safety and compliance industry forward.

*The AuditSoft Open API utilizes a JSON-based REST API, leveraging OpenAPI to provide a standardized approach for your legacy and custom-built internal software to connect with AuditSoft’s powerful audit tool and analytical data warehouse. Learn more…


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“The AuditSoft software is so easy to use and the efficiency that it brings to the auditing process is great. I have been able to provide faster service and completion to my clients. I recommend AuditSoft to Auditors and the Associations that haven’t yet signed on.”
– OHS auditor

AuditSoft’s award-winning software transforms safety auditing and powers:


A seamless workflow, automations, and features like one-click report generation reduce auditing time by up to 50% while driving operational efficiencies for associations.


Built-in guidelines and rules promote inter-auditor consistency and drive standardization – ensuring reliable, repeatable, and defensible audit results.


Audits are deconstructed to provide question-level scoring and peer-to-peer comparison, with suggestions for improvement provided – unlocking data-driven decision-making.