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Software enabling an evidence-based approach

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Features & Benefits

Single Intuitive

  • All audit tasks are captured along an intuitive automated process flow within the application

Aligned with ISO 19011 guidelines

  • Aligned with the ISO 19011:2018 guidelines for auditing

Collaboration & Team Audits

  • Facilitates team audits to increase efficiencies and collaboration on larger audits

No More Spreadsheets & Paper

  • No need for additional spreadsheets and other paper-based tools used in a traditional manual auditing

Detailed Report Generation

  • Final report is generated with a mere click of a button

Areas for Improvement Report Generated

  • Separate suggestion for improvement (CAPA) report can be generated

Significant Time Savings

  • Due to the automation significant time saving, and efficiencies are created

Better Trending & Data Analysis

  • Better comparative data analysis and trending ability

Drives Continuous Improvement

  • Facilitates the identification of gaps in your management system supported by verifiable evidence.

Evidence Verification on Demand

  • All audit findings and conclusions are supported by proof of relevant, sufficient and verifiable evidence

Increased Transparency, Reliability & Credibility

  • Enforced guidelines and rules ensure the process is transparent, reliable and credible

Increased Inter-Auditor Consistency

  • Inter auditor consistency is ensured through the use of very clear explicit guidelines

About us

AuditSoft was founded by a team committed to reinventing OHSMS Auditing. Through the application of innovative technology and Design Thinking we have enhanced not only the process, but also the level of value-add. The value is realized through trusted actionable audit outcomes that help mitigate associated OHS risk, drives continuous improvement, proves good corporate governance and goes beyond just compliance.

Our purpose is to reinvent OHS Auditing. To enable, through technology, an evidence-based audit process, compliant with ISO 19011:2018 guidelines, to drive credible, reliable, reproducible and value-add audit results. To have OHS audits play a trusted role in:

  • managing and mitigating OHS risks within the auditee’s places of work,
  • driving continuous improvement of their OHS management system; and
  • being an integral part of their due diligence process to prove good corporate governance and social responsibility & sustainability

Our Blog

Our Blog