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Reinventing OHS Auditing

AuditSoft captures all audit tasks in a single, easy-to-navigate workflow and automates the frustrating administrative activities that unnecessarily consume time and cause errors.

Ensure Transparency, Reliability & Credibility
Enforced guidelines and rules ensure the process is transparent, reliable, and credible.
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Drive Continuous Improvement
AuditSoft enables the identification of gaps in OHS management systems, supported by verifiable evidence.
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Verify Evidence on Demand
All audit findings and conclusions are supported by proof of relevant, sufficient and verifiable evidence.
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Increase Inter-Auditor Consistency
Explicit guidelines are built into the application to increase consistency between audits.
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Work From a Single Workflow
All OHS audit tasks are captured along an intuitive and automated workflow within the application.
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OHS Auditing Software

Collaborative Team Audits

Work with up to 20 team members simultaneously and save time on larger and multi-site audits.

No Spreadsheets or Paper

Go digital and experience the power of automation in auditing, track your progress as you go, and more.

ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines

Auditsoft's software is aligned with the ISO 19011:2018 guidelines for professional auditing.

Detailed Report Generation

Generate boardroom-ready PDF reports in one-click and save hours formatting.

Why AuditSoft?

AuditSoft is founded by a team of tech and health & safety pros committed to reinventing OHS auditing. Why? Because everyone deserves to work in a safe and healthy workplace – and OHS audits play a big role in making and keeping workplaces safe.

Meet the team and learn more about us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I was very new to internal safety audits and started the course ‘green’. I found the software easy to navigate and organized in its setup as you work through the audit.”

- K. Carson

Quick Silver Wireline

Quick Silver Wireline
“AuditSoft is a leader in the OHS auditing software space and is helping us deliver excellent customer service and results. We love AuditSoft and so do our auditors and members – it’s a win-win.”

- R. Gaetz


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OHS Auditing Software
OHS Auditing Software


Proudly rated 4.5 stars on TrustPilot

OHS Auditing Software


AuditSoft reduces OHS auditing time by up to 60%

OHS Auditing Software


Over 4,000 audits completed – and counting

Ron Lorenz is a safety professional who conducts up to 20 audits a year and has conducted 40+ audits using AuditSoft. He lists his favourite AuditSoft features and explains how the platform is saving him time and effort on OHS audits…
The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) is a leader in helping worksites achieve continuous improvement toward their occupational safety and health goals. Founded in 1985, the American nonprofit has grown from 30…
Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) is a government- approved health and safety association and a certifying partner of choice. It is the second-largest association of its kind in Alberta. Founded in 1996, AASP has grown to serve…

AuditSoft has been selected by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) as the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) auditing and data management solution for the Ontario construction industry.

Calgary, AB – AuditSoft partners with Made Safe to provide cutting-edge auditing and data management solutions that will support the Made Safe safety certification for manufacturers in Manitoba.

Discover how AuditSoft helps associations to maximize OHS auditing value in our latest guide.

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