Saving Auditor Ron Lorenz Time and Effort on Audits

Saving Auditor Ron Lorenz Time and Effort on Audits

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Auditor Profile: Ron Lorenz

  • Auditor with: Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP)
  • Usage: Conducts up to 20 audits a year and has conducted 40+ audits with AuditSoft
  • Before AuditSoft: Used another OHS auditing technology

#1 AuditSoft Feature

Exec summary builder: 

“AuditSoft automatically generates a list of recorded ‘suggestions for improvements’ and ‘strengths’ for use in summary documents. This is my favourite time-saving feature. You just start with an outline, and with one click, it pastes all your SFIs and your strengths straight into that exec summary document.”

Other Favourite Features


“When you start an audit there’s a little time clock that starts running and it tells you how many days you have left to do the on-site part, how many days you have to submit your audit to the Certifying Partner, etc. 

“That clock is really helpful and is often taken for granted. Previously an auditor could inadvertently miss a deadline because you think you have more time than you do. Missing a deadline could result in rejections of an audit, so I think it’s a really nice feature.”


“When you’re conducting interviews, you are sometimes a bit rushed to enter your interview responses. AuditSoft has features like one-click interview response recording which makes it easy for you to quickly record the right response from each interviewee, and then go back and fill in more detail once the interview is completed.”

Linking files:

“Linking files to the Appendix part of the report with AuditSoft is so easy. With the previous solutions, I could spend half a day or more just on the appendix – and much of the info here is not actually that valuable to the customer. So it’s great to no longer have to waste time on copying/pasting and formatting text.”

Final Words…

“It’s clear that AuditSoft is staying current and implementing with the changes as they are published by the provincial government and they are meeting the needs of the industry certifying partners, like AASP. Auditors love this proactivity. AuditSoft is really handy and much more evolved than the previous applications I’d used – and it seems like it’s always improving! This auditor is very happy.”