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AuditSoft at Region VI VPPPA

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The VPPPA Region VI conference took place last week and I had the privilege of attending on behalf of AuditSoft and VPP Online. Read about my highlights below.

A Gathering of Safety Enthusiasts

The VPPPA Region VI conference is known as one of the largest gatherings in the occupational health and safety industry. Held this year in Corpus Christi, Texas, a city surrounded by oil and gas companies and their affiliates, it provided a unique setting for safety professionals to come together. With over 1,000 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors, the conference buzzed with energy and a shared commitment to safety excellence.

booth 457 at region vi vpppa
VPP Online was among the exhibitors and saw a steady stream of traffic at Booth 457

Strong VPP Sites in Region VI

Region VI boasts some of the strongest VPP sites, with a large number of oil and gas producers and service providers among its members. These organizations have already implemented robust health and safety systems, evident in their compliance and programs. VPP Online (brought to you by AuditSoft & VPPPA) is enabling some of them to drive year-round continuous and collaboration.

Annual Self-Evaluations, VPP Online, and Continuous Improvement

peter presenting at VPPPA Region VI (1)

I had the privilege of hosting a workshop on VPP Online, Annual Self-Evaluations, and continuous improvement in collaboration with VPPPA Executive Director Chris Williams. The workshop attracted a capacity crowd with close to 100 attendees participating, and shone a spotlight on how some Region VI sites are using VPP Online to organize EHS&S initiatives and conduct self-assessment audits collaboratively. I had the opportunity to provide live demos of the VPP Online solution and answered as many questions as the time allowed for!

Collage of Region VI VPPPA

VPP Modernization

I also attended a special session organized by OSHA, focusing on the VPP Modernization Project. This session provided an open forum for members to voice their feedback and suggestions for program improvements. One topic that stood out was the SGE (Special Government Employee) program, which offers mentoring and support to new VPP members. It was inspiring to witness the dedication of these experienced professionals in helping others succeed.

Overall, the Region VI VPPPA Annual Safety Conference was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of attendees, engaging workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities.

See you in Orlando, Florida this September for VPPPA’s annual Safety+ Conference!

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