Rolling Out the AuditSoft COR® Solution for IHSA

Rolling Out the AuditSoft COR® Solution for IHSA

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Last year, AuditSoft announced that it had been selected by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) as the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) auditing and data management solution for the Ontario construction industry, following a rigorous public procurements process. Since then, AuditSoft has worked with the IHSA to onboard its solution and roll it out to members.


David Steinschifter, IHSA’s Manager, Strategic Programs, said:

“AuditSoft’s user-centric solutions provide a seamless and intuitive experience, making COR® auditing and associated processes more efficient and valuable. Our members have also benefited from AuditSoft’s proactive customer support. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to our members by promptly addressing any concerns and providing timely assistance. Their strategic approach to change management and training has also ensured a smooth transition for our stakeholders as they make the switch to the AuditSoft tool.

“AuditSoft’s team brings a wealth of experience in prescriptive audit software and processes, and we have been pleased with the experience to date. Their consultative approach, focus on the end user, and fantastic customer support make them an asset to any association looking to add value to members.


IHSA, the provider of COR® in Ontario, has seen a tremendous increase in support for COR® as the most reliable indicator of a company’s health and safety performance and as the leading indicator of proactivity to protect workers on the jobsite. There is also a growing list of private and public sector buyers that are requiring COR® as part of prequalification – fuelling COR® adoption.

AuditSoft is proud to support the IHSA and help it execute on its commitment to reducing workplace incidents across Ontario’s construction industry through its COR® program. Safety associations across Canada are looking to AuditSoft to scale auditing programs and deliver value to members. AuditSoft has announced partnerships with three construction associations in the past 12 months, in addition to partnerships with associations focused on other industry verticals.

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