Local vs Cloud Backup

AuditSoft takes precautions to ensure business continuity and has a built-in local backup feature to keep your audit files safe. AuditSoft Cloud Backup is a recommended add-on that users can enable for even greater protection. Switch it on to safeguard against the most common data loss instances and avoid unnecessary risk.

Instances in Which You Are Protected

AuditSoft Local Backup (Standard)

AuditSoft Cloud Backup (Recommended)

What's the difference?

Local Backup: AuditSoft automatically saves a copy of your audit file every 15 minutes. The files are saved to a hidden folder on your laptop (this is the Local Backup). The Local Backup can be used to recover your work if something happens to your operating system, power supply, or if your computer crashes and must be restarted. To ensure that you do not run out of space, we only keep your most recent 100 backups.

Local Backup is a built-in feature of the AuditSoft platform.

Cloud Backup: Local Backup is very helpful, but it cannot protect against incidents relating to hardware. If your laptop is stolen, your hard drive fails, or you drop your laptop in a pool while on vacation, then the Local Backup will not be accessible. To guard against these risks, AuditSoft Cloud Backup also stores a replica of all your local backup files on a cloud server. We keep all of these files indefinitely or until you delete them.

Cloud Backup is a recommended add-on priced at $100 yearly.

How To Activate AuditSoft Cloud Backup

Already an AuditSoft user? AuditSoft Cloud Backup can be activated at any time.

AuditSoft Cloud Backup is an optional annual subscription feature that you can subscribe to either by clicking on the No Backup icon (see 1 in image) or by flipping the Cloud Backup toggle (see 2 in image) inside the AuditSoft application.
The subscription does not automatically renew, but you will be prompted to renew your current subscription if it is due to expire within 3 months.
AuditSoft Cloud Backup

AuditSoft Cloud Backup saved one safety professional from redoing 5 audits and 80+ interviews.