“AuditSoft Saved My Life” – Why OHS Auditing Needs Automatic Cloud Backup


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Barb Semeniuk just lost her laptop at Pearson airport.

She is a busy safety professional currently conducting 5 OHS audits.

It could be a disaster, but thanks to the AuditSoft cloud backup service, she’s able to give us a call so that we can retrieve the latest copies of her audits – “saving her life”.

Listen to Barb Semeniuk talk about how AuditSoft saved her life with automatic cloud backup and top customer service.

Audio Transcript:

“My name is Barbara Semeniuk, President of Purcell Enterprises. I recommended AuditSoft because they literally saved my life. I lost my laptop at Pearson airport and I was in great difficulty. No word of a lie because I had 90 interviews and 80 interviews and I didn’t want to start from scratch – I had five audits.

“Luckily, AuditSoft has an option where you can save it to the cloud. And I had done so and they literally, thank God, saved my life because the clients didn’t even know I lost my laptop. I was able to pick up right where I left off and frankly, I was relieved. So AuditSoft has a great deal of integrity. They have very helpful people and they’re an amazing company. It’s a privilege to work with them.”

Business Continuity and the Importance of Automatic Cloud Backup

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No one ever thinks it will be them that succumbs to a data loss disaster. Yet it happens all the time.

In general, data loss can have devastating financial and reputational repercussions and cannot be prevented without a data backup strategy that is central to a well-formed business continuity plan.

Here are common data loss instances that are difficult to plan for:

  • Theft or loss of a laptop
  • Hardware failure (specifically hard drive storage)
  • Damage (like dropping a laptop or spilling liquid on a keyboard)
  • Human error (such as accidentally overwriting or deleting a data file)
  • Malicious software (including viruses, malware and ransomware)
  • Incapacitation or fatality

Here’s how you can now plan for these in OHS auditing…

AuditSoft Cloud Backup

AuditSoft Cloud Backup is an optional backup and disaster recovery feature that guards against data loss due to hardware failure and human error. It works by automatically saving a backup of the current working file to the cloud on a regular basis and whenever the user saves their file.

That means that when a data disaster strikes, auditors can be confident that their files are safe, and their hours of work haven’t been lost. The cloud has their files and the AuditSoft support team are just a phone call away to retrieve them.

Learn more about protecting your audit files: Local vs Cloud Backup.

Interested in using AuditSoft or providing it to your association members? Access the AuditSoft demo or talk to sales.

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