AuditSoft To Power COR Auditing for BC’s Continuing Care and Community Social Services Sectors


AuditSoft, British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA), Community Social Services Health & Safety Association of BC (CSSHSA) and SafeCare BC.

Calgary, AB – AuditSoft, Canada’s most trusted safety and compliance auditing software, is set to power Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits and data analytics for BC’s continuing care and community social services sectors in partnership with the British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA), Community Social Services Health & Safety Association of BC (CSSHSA) and SafeCare BC.  The BCMSA is responsible for administrating audits for CSSHSA and SafeCare BC and, in turn, have developed high quality audit tools for these respective sectors.

Over the past several years, the CSSHSA and SafeCare BC have worked in partnership with the BCMSA by supporting access to the WorkSafeBC COR program. AuditSoft’s solution suite is being onboarded to improve the auditing experience and make it more valuable by providing insights that support continuous improvement.

“COR is the most effective, measurable way for organizations to create a safe workplace, demonstrate due diligence, and drive continuous improvement based on audit data,” said Ben Snyman, CEO of AuditSoft. “We’re thrilled to be supporting the customization of COR across BC’s continuing care and community social services sector. AuditSoft brings significant time-savings to the COR audit process for auditors and associations, whilst making auditing more accurate and unlocking detailed performance insights and comparative analysis.”

“We are committed to improving access to the COR program for naturally aligned organizations which include the continuing care and community social services sector. AuditSoft’s leading auditing and data analytics software will add value to all COR audit stakeholders,” said Mike Roberts, CEO of the BCMSA. “From the auditors completing the audits, to the staff performing audit quality reviews, and the organisations receiving the results – everyone will benefit from a streamlined, enhanced experience that will help us drive continuous improvement and reduce workplace injuries across the sector.”

“Community social services sector is a complex and diverse industry and we are delighted to promote health and safety culture through this valuable program,” conveyed Satvinder Basran, CEO of the CSSHSA.

AuditSoft announced a partnership with BCMSA last year and recently revealed that its Open API had been integrated with BCMSA’s existing third-party systems and data to provide a more holistic view of member performance. AuditSoft has announced several new association and technology partnerships over recent months. The firm continues to expand rapidly across North America thanks to its user-friendly tools that reduce auditing time and support continuous improvement.

About AuditSoft:

AuditSoft is the leading safety and compliance auditing software. Associations and Certifying Bodies partner with AuditSoft to supply their members with cutting-edge auditing tools and unlock valuable audit insights. Each year, AuditSoft is used to conduct thousands of audits in high-risk industries across North America. Find more information about AuditSoft at

About BCMSA:

The British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving worker health and safety in all industries throughout the province. Safety is their business. BCMSA works to improve safety programs and implement effective occupational health and safety management across the province. Their onsite, virtual, and online courses, as well as their resources equip employers and employees with invaluable prevention training that serves to reduce human and financial costs. Learn more about BCMSA at


The Community Social Services Health & Safety Association of BC (CSSHSA) is the first of its kind addressing the health and safety needs of community social services. It provides health and safety support to employers and workers in levied businesses registered in WorkSafeBC Classification Units (CU) Counselling or Social Services (CU: 766007), Residential Social Service Facility (CU: 766017), Life and Job Skills Training (CU: 766010). Learn more about CSSHSA at

About SafeCare BC:

SafeCare BC is the workplace health and safety association for BC’s continuing care sector. It strives to empower those working in the continuing care sector to create safer, healthier workplaces by fostering a culture of safety through evidence-based education, leadership, and collaboration. Learn more about SafeCare BC at

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