BCMSA Chooses AuditSoft for OHS COR Auditing and Data Management Solutions


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Calgary, AB – AuditSoft, the pioneer of cutting-edge COR auditing solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the BC Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA) as its strategic partner to provide Certificate of Recognition (COR) safety auditing and OHS data management solutions.

AuditSoft continues to grow and disrupt the OHS COR auditing industry by delivering user-centric, intuitive solutions that unlock a wealth of OHS information through data analytics to drive business intelligence.

“BCMSA is forward-thinking and sees the opportunity to advance the safety performance of its members by tying audit performance to safety performance. This will not only allow BCMSA to make informed decisions but will also allow BCMSA members to compare their performance with that of their peers,” says Ben Snyman, CEO and Co-founder of AuditSoft.

This ability to standardize, digitize, aggregate, and compare audit results and performance within industry sets AuditSoft apart in the market, which has historically been incapable of this level of analysis, and is fueling its rapid adoption.

At the BCMSA, annual COR audits are an invaluable tool when it comes to reducing injuries and accidents in the workplace and improving workplace safety culture. The BCMSA’s mission is to empower people to create healthier and safer workplaces through the creation and sharing of knowledge and resources.

“The AuditSoft solutions will allow us to expand on the knowledge component of our mission by unlocking the data element that is captured in each audit and tying that to safety performance statistics so that we can make better data-driven decisions,” says Mike Roberts, Executive Director of BCMSA.

BCMSA will roll out the AuditSoft OHS COR auditing and data management solutions to its members in fall of 2022.


About AuditSoft

AuditSoft is the leading provider of OHS auditing software. Associations and Certifying Bodies partner with AuditSoft to supply their members with cutting-edge auditing tools and to unlock valuable audit insights. AuditSoft is also the best rated audit software application by auditors. Find more information on AuditSoft: auditsoft.co


The British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving worker health and safety in all industries throughout the province. Safety is their business. BCMSA works to improve safety programs and implement effective occupational health and safety management across the province. Their onsite, virtual, and online courses, as well as their resources equip employers and employees with invaluable prevention training that serves to reduce human and financial costs.

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