AuditSoft Open API Available for Integration


The AuditSoft Open API integrates with your existing legacy and third-party systems.

The AuditSoft Open API new

📢 Attention health, safety, and compliance professionals! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the AuditSoft Open API, designed to bring a new era of interoperability to the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry. With this cutting-edge API, you can seamlessly integrate your existing legacy and third-party systems with AuditSoft’s acclaimed safety and compliance auditing software.

🚀 Why Integrate with the AuditSoft Open API?

In the ever-changing OHS industry, we understand the challenges you face because of disconnected legacy systems and cumbersome manual processes. That’s why the AuditSoft Open API is here to transform your auditing experience. By enabling data communication across disparate systems, this API empowers data-driven decision-making, eliminates manual data entry, reduces costs, and minimizes the risk of errors.

💡 What is an Open API?

In simple terms, an Open API acts as a bridge that allows different software systems to communicate and share data seamlessly.

💻 Key Features of the AuditSoft Open API

The AuditSoft Open API utilizes a JSON-based REST API, leveraging OpenAPI to provide a standardized approach for your legacy and custom-built internal software to connect with AuditSoft’s powerful audit tool and analytical data warehouse.

Benefits of Integration

Through the two-way integration, you can link AuditSoft with your association’s existing systems, including CRMs and Business Intelligence platforms, granting access to historical data. Approved partners can improve workflows, reduce audit time, and eliminate manual processes, all while enhancing the auditing experience at scale.

📈 Embrace a Streamlined Auditing Process

By embracing the AuditSoft Open API, you’ll streamline your auditing processes, access real-time data, and enhance your organization’s data management and reporting capabilities. This means best practice auditing at scale and the ability to handle complexities arising from industry innovations.

🗣️ From the Founder

“Our goal is to empower associations and their members with real-time access to all their audit data and historical performance indicators,” said Ben Snyman, CEO and founder of AuditSoft. “By integrating with partner systems that house their historical data, members, associations, and the industry gain a complete picture to drive continuous improvement. Our commitment is to maintain data integrity and provide crucial assurance to advance safety and compliance auditing while enhancing the overall audit experience.”

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