AuditSoft Auditing Application

AuditSoft improves your audit efficiency and quality.​ (FREE Trial License below!)

Based on ISO 19011 (guidelines for auditing management systems) AuditSoft facilitates the natural flow of an audit and automates many of the frustrating administrative tasks and calculations that consume time, cause problems, and don’t add value to the audit.

” I love the AuditSoft program. It has reduced my audit time by 60%, and it allows me to enter items as they are completed throughout the year. It gives me a real time look at my COR™ audit progress and where my gaps are. I highly recommend using this program, there is nothing better on the market

Kim Neal

Smart Safety

Main Values of AuditSoft​

  1. Audit Clarity – Clear workflows, heads up scoring, issues flagging, and linking to legislation and guidelines all help provide clarity to the auditing process​.
  2. Audit Efficiency Linking to legislation, automation of workflow, automation of calculations, and automated report generation all work together and can save between 50% – 70% of the time spent on an audit​.
  3. Audit QualityLinking questions to guidelines to legislation gives auditors a clear view of what is being checked, reduction in administrative work gives more time for value added tasks.​
  4. Audit ProfessionalismAutomated generation of a board room ready report with data file links directly with minimal input​.
  5. System Agnostic AuditAudit any type of system. Regardless wether the system is paper based, SiteDocs, Ecompliance, in house designed, or other, AuditSoft can be used for any audits to drive audit efficiency.​​
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    How to use AuditSoft
    How to Get Started:
    Step 1

    Take the AuditSoft Training for FREE.
    (use coupon code “FreeTraining“)

    Step 2

    Download the AuditSoft app for Free.

    Step 3

    Set-up an account​

    Step 4

    Purchase your license​ -
    Contact us for a FREE trial AuditSoft License!

    Build & Design
    1. Log Company details and add WSIB Number
    Site Sampling Survey

    Build & Design
    2. Setup your audit –
    We do the calculations for you!
    Guidelines and legislation built into the tool

    Attach documents right to questions for easy reference and organization
    Build & Design
    3. Gather Your Evidence
    Guidelines and legislation built into the tool

    Attach documents right to questions for easy reference and organization
    Build & Design
    4. Heads up results in evidence gathering
    - See how the audit is progressing and how the company is doing.
    - Easy to track progress, gaps, and issues through the audit.
    Build & Design
    5. Compile your audit and write your findings
    - See scoring & turn comments into findings. Software make tracking comments and appending them easy.

    - See any attachments and flag strengths, corrective actions, or areas for follow-up
    Build & Design
    6. Heads Up Results Of Your Audit
    - See all your elements and how you scored in one place
    - Color coded for easy recognition of problem areas
    - Red means a fail of a section.
    - Numbers turn Black when you have passed a section

    How to Get Started:

    1. Take the AuditSoft Training for Free. (Provided by Safety Vantage) (use coupon code “FreeTraining“)
    2. Download the AuditSoft app for Free.
    3. Set-up an account​
    4. Purchase your license​ Contact us for a FREE trial AuditSoft License!
    5. Happy Auditing!

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