AuditSoft Partners with SALUS to Revolutionize Safety and Compliance Auditing


AuditSoft x SALUS

Calgary, AB, [August 10, 2023] – Today, AuditSoft, the fastest-growing and most trusted safety and compliance auditing software, announced its partnership with SALUS, a safety management platform created for the construction industry. This new collaboration streamlines safety and compliance auditing and is the first platform partnership that AuditSoft has announced, following the recent launch of its Open API.

The integration of the AuditSoft Open API with SALUS’s platform will enable users to access and embed critical safety documents, submitted forms, and worker certificates directly into their audit reports. This enhanced functionality alleviates the burden of manual data transfer and optimizes audit workflows. SALUS clients will now benefit from a streamlined audit process that automatically connects their safety management system to AuditSoft’s auditing software, making it an easier, faster, user-friendly experience.

“At AuditSoft, we are always striving to enhance the auditing experience and support auditors in their crucial work,” stated Ben Snyman, Co-founder and CEO of AuditSoft. “Partnering with like-minded organizations such as SALUS, who share a user-centric approach to safety software, is a natural fit for us. Together, we will revolutionize the way data is collected, shared, and utilized to reduce risks and ensure a safer work environment.”

The integration will resolve issues around inefficiencies and the manual work in connecting the correct documentation to the audits by digitizing the safety management process. This will help safety professionals access safety-related documentation instantaneously and streamline occupational health and safety audits.

“We are excited about our partnership with AuditSoft,” said Gabe Guetta, Co-Founder and CEO at SALUS. “Our mission is to empower organizations with a safety management platform that not only helps achieve compliance, but cultivates a positive safety culture for everyone. By eliminating paper-based inefficiencies, time-consuming manual sorting of documentation, and establishing a single source of truth, SALUS and AuditSoft are poised to reshape the occupational health and safety landscape and minimize risks for companies across various industries.”

Data demonstrates that the construction industry is investing more than ever in software like environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) platforms to drive operational efficiencies and reduce risk. As industries evolve and businesses adapt to change, it is critical they build connected EHSQ environments that will meet their immediate and future needs. The AuditSoft Open API makes it easier for clients to onboard AuditSoft and connect with existing third-party systems like SALUS. We are building flexible EHSQ technology environments that can adapt to new innovations.

About AuditSoft:

AuditSoft is the leading safety and compliance auditing software. Associations and Certifying Bodies partner with AuditSoft to supply their members with cutting-edge auditing tools and unlock valuable audit insights. Each year, AuditSoft is used to conduct thousands of audits in high-risk industries across Canada. Find more information about AuditSoft at

About SALUS:

SALUS is a comprehensive safety software provider that understands the complexities of safety in the construction industry and the impact it has on the bottom line. Our approach is to work within the hierarchies of the job site to deliver a solution that addresses inefficiencies and risks associated with manual safety processes. This expertise, combined with a desire to innovate, allows us to help keep teams safe and organizations on top of their safety game. To learn more about SALUS, visit:




Media Contact:

Peter Spence

VP of Sales & Partnerships at AuditSoft

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Media Contact:

Shannon Farley

VP of Marketing at SALUS Safety Solutions

604-785- 0621

[email protected]

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