Why AuditSoft?

AuditSoft is helping key safety stakeholders be more effective at driving workplace safety standards through cutting-edge technology and a service-first mentality. And we continue to listen to industry needs and innovate – to play our role in ensuring people make it home safely from work. See why auditors love us and safety bodies trust us.

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Why Auditors
Love Us

AuditSoft is enabling auditors to be more effective at their jobs.

With our software, auditors can produce credible, reliable, and reproducible audit results in under half the time.

That’s allowing safety professionals to spend less time tabulating and formatting audit results and more time using their expertise to provide guidance and advice on improving safety programs.

Happy Customers

We love AuditSoft and so do our internal and external auditors and members – it’s a win-win. The fact that once the auditor has gathered and entered all the supporting evidence, all they need to do is click a button to generate what can be up to a 100+ page report – that’s well laid out, easy to read, and scored properly – it’s making things so much easier for auditors, members, and the AASP administrative staff.

Ray Gaetz, CEO, AASP

Why Safety
Bodies Trust Us

AuditSoft makes audits more powerful by unlocking hidden value.

Our software breaks down audit scores and allows for comparative analysis, so that audits can be used to provide a more in-depth and contextualized view of performance.

That’s enabling Associations to make data-driven decisions and play a more effective role in driving safety.

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Partners to a Growing Number of Associations

AuditSoft helps Associations of all shapes and sizes equip their members with industry-leading audit tools. We’re helping our partners to save their members time and effort, whilst adding value to the audit process.