About AuditSoft

AuditSoft is the leading safety and compliance auditing software. We are trusted partners to associations and certifying bodies across North America, equipping their members with cutting-edge auditing tools and unlocking valuable audit insights. Each year, AuditSoft is used to conduct thousands of audits across all industries. Our mission is to empower safety and compliance excellence and provide assurance.

Founded by a team with 15+ years' experience in compliance software
10k+ audits completed with AuditSoft to date
Average deployment time of ~6 months
AuditSoft Awards

Award-Winning OHS Auditing and Data Analytics

AuditSoft is recognized as a '5-star OHS Software and Technology Provider' by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine, rated for 'ease of use' and 'overall effectiveness'.

Transforming Safety and Compliance Through Collaboration

AuditSoft partners with associations to improve safety and compliance programs and enhance the member experience. We also partner with leading EHSQ vendors to collectively solve industry pain points, improve the auditing experience, and enable connected ecosystems.

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AuditSoft Facilitates a Range of Audits and Enables Best Practice at Scale

AuditSoft is packed with automations that reduce errors and improve accuracy. Built-in guidelines, rules, and tips promote standardization and ensure different auditors achieve similiar results in similiar circumstances. That's why AuditSoft has the most reliable safety and compliance data available.

AuditSoft is suitable for:

✔️ Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits

✔️ Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) audits

✔️ VPP Annual Self-Evaluations (via VPP Online)

✔️ Psychological Safety audits

✔️ Environmental audits

✔️ Sustainability audits

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