AuditSoft Update Feb 22, 2022 – Changelog – v1.15


Planned release date: 22 Feb 2022

Version number: 1.15

Next week, we will be publishing a new update to the AuditSoft application, which brings you several improvements to the auditing workflow.

Faster interview response recording

Entering interviews becomes faster and simpler with single click entry of responses.

Even better disaster recovery

In the event your PC shuts down unexpectedly, or your laptop runs out of battery, your work is not lost. The Local Backups button will give you access to snapshots of your audit recorded on your computer every few minutes as you work.

Note that to get an offsite backup that will recover your work even if you lose access to your computer entirely, you’ll need the optional Online Backup feature. Adding this to any audit purchase gets you online backups for all your audits for a year.

For selected audits – simplified documentation & observations

Where applicable, there is now rapid single click entry of documentation and observation evidence in place of percentage scores.

Many tweaks to make life easier

Based on feedback from our auditors, we’ve made numerous little improvements to make auditing go more smoothly. There are updates to the login page, the submission deadline reminder, summary document entry, and more.

See your COR scorecard on AuditXchange

For participating associations, COR data for your company is now available in AuditXchange. AuditXchange provides you with anonymous performance comparisons relative to peers in your industry and highlights the strengths and opportunities for improvement within your program. Ask your company contact for access to your scorecard.

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