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2023 has proven to be another exciting year for AuditSoft! In our ongoing pursuit to transform safety and compliance, we’ve welcomed new associations and Certifying Bodies onboard, added new team members, expanded our horizons through valuable partnerships, and continued our commitment to making auditing more efficient and impactful through new innovations.

Read about our highlights for the year below.

🧍 New Team Members

Ryan Quiring and Radha Saikia

A number of talented people joined the AuditSoft team this year!

AuditSoft strengthened its ranks across development and support and brought in Ryan Quiring and Radha Saikia to lead product and customer success respectively.

Radha has already been busy meeting with AuditSoft customers across the country – with more travel plans for 2024.

🌟 New Customers

AuditSoft welcomed a number of new association partners onboard this year! They include:

Alberta Food Processors Associationwhich has represented the interests of its members in the Alberta food and beverage industry since 1974.

AgSafe BC – which is the COR Certifying Partner for B.C.’s agricultural and associated industries.

Community Social Services Health & Safety Association of BC – which is the first of its kind addressing the health and safety needs of community social services.

SafeCare BCwhich is the workplace health and safety association for BC’s continuing care sector.

SafetyDrivenwhich serves 300 COR-certified firms in trucking and related industries across BC.

Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association – which has served the Saskatchewan construction industry since 1995.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia – which serves over 7,000 members and 1,150 COR®-certified firms across Nova Scotia’s construction industry. It marks AuditSoft’s first official partnership with a safety association in one of Canada’s Maritime provinces.

AuditSoft is now used in every Canadian province from BC to Nova Scotia (as well as the US) 🚀

🤝 The AuditSoft Open API + New Partners

AuditSoft Partners

2023 also saw the launch of the AuditSoft Open API, designed to bring a new era of interoperability to the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry. The API allows existing legacy and third-party systems to be integrated with AuditSoft to streamline auditing and analysis.

At AuditSoft, we firmly believe that by working together with partners, we will collectively solve industry pain points and advance safety and compliance to ensure workers go home safely each day.

Learn more about our partners.

✈️ 2023 Safety+ Symposium

Safety+ Symposium 2023

AuditSoft attended the 2023 Safety+ Symposium in Orlando, Florida, to showcase new features brought to VPP Online.

AuditSoft and the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) launched VPP Online back in 2021 to simplify OSHA VPP Annual Self-Evaluations and support year-round collaboration and continuous improvement.

At the conference, AuditSoft’s Peter Spence and VPPPA’s Chris Williams took the opportunity to discuss the partnership to date.

VPPPA Testimonial from AuditSoft on Vimeo.

Read: New VPP Online Features & Highlights From Safety+ Symposium

📈 The Rise of Audit Data Analytics

In addition to welcoming new partners onboard, existing AuditSoft association partners across Canada upgraded their COR programs and switched on AuditXchange data analytics to maximize value and fuel continuous improvement.

“Certificate of Recognition (COR) audits are an invaluable tool when it comes to improving workplace safety. AuditSoft’s ability to standardize, aggregate, and compare audit results and performance within industry sets it apart in the market,” said Mike Roberts, CEO of BCMSA.

Read: AuditSoft Integrates with BCMSA and EHS Analytics

🎉 10,000 COR®, 10,000 AuditSoft Audits

10,000k audits

In the same year that the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) announced it had reached 10,000 active Certificate of Recognition (COR®) certified firms, AuditSoft celebrated a major milestone of its own; 10,000 audits completed with AuditSoft!

Thank you to all our valued auditors for your continued support! We promise to keep innovating to support you in your crucial work.

And on that note…

🛠️ New Features and Solutions Launched

The AuditSoft development team has been hard at work on their mission to make auditing more efficient and valuable for everyone involved.

Some of the features and enhancements made this year include:

✅ Expanded the automatic submission process to make it more efficient for both auditors and associations.

✅ Carry-over feature: some audits now allow their users to carry-over documents and responses from previous audits, saving valuable time during auditing season.

✅ Launched an open API that allows our customers to seamlessly integrate AuditSoft into their legacy systems.

✅ Auditor integrations: SALUS has been integrated to enable auditors to attach safety documents directly into their audit from Salus. Corfix and SiteDocs are the next integrations that will launch soon to further streamline the auditing experience!

✅ Association audit data analytics: we added a number of new enhancements to provide associations with a better view of member performance – explore them in the video below.

AuditSoft is committed to continuous improvement and we promise to keep finding new ways to make our software even more user-friendly and impactful. Your feedback goes a long way in helping us achieve that.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please send it to [email protected]  – we value all thoughts and suggestions!


👨‍💻 AuditSoft Support: The Numbers Are In

If you didn’t know, AuditSoft has a stellar support team at hand to help you with any assistance or questions you may have about using our software.

Our onshore support team spans Atlantic to Pacific time, and you can expect a speedy response!

Our average response time in 2023 to an initial customer ticket was less than 7 minutes! More than half of all support requests were resolved within 10 minutes!

Support is available at [email protected] and 1-888-514-3534.

🔍Coming in 2024…

Our focus on customer-centricity has fueled our growth and we are continuously busy behind the scenes, working on new ways to add value to our loyal customers, users, and partners.

We have some exciting software enhancements coming in 2024, along with new initiatives like monthly drop-ins to ensure AuditSoft users meet and exceed auditing excellence.

Thank you for your support throughout 2023. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to serving you in 2024!

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