AuditSoft Recognized as ‘Top 10 Audit Management Solution Provider’


AuditSoft has been recognized as a ‘Top 10 Audit Management Solution Provider’ by GRC Outlook!

AuditSoft Recognized as ‘Top 10 Audit Management Solution Provider’

AuditSoft’s recognition as a ‘Top 10 Audit Management Solution Provider’ followed a comprehensive review process:

“The Audit Management Software market study evaluates segmentation and regional market attractiveness in great detail, along with macro- and microeconomic aspects. The research provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessment of the segmental/regional market outlook, taking into account the presence of market participants in the relevant segment, region, and country.

“At this juncture, as businesses are striving to find the right business partner, we’ve developed this special edition on Audit Management Solution Providers 2022. This special edition features some of the top and innovative solution providers that are creating an impact in the industry.”

-GRC Outlook

The award rounds off an incredible year for the AuditSoft team, who have celebrated exciting growth, new partnerships, and additional accolades from the likes of Canadian Occupational Safety magazine (COS).

Speaking of the recognition, Ben Snyman, CEO & Co-founder, AuditSoft, said:

“2022 has been our best year in business yet and I’m proud of all our team has accomplished. AuditSoft continues to disrupt the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry with user-friendly solutions that bring efficiencies to auditing and enable data-driven safety decisions. We’re going into 2023 really strongly and I’m excited for the year ahead. This is a great way for us to sign the year off so thanks to GRC Outlook for the recognition.”

Here are some of the other awards AuditSoft received this year:
  • Featured in the top 10 of ‘Alberta’s Top 50 Startups to Watch’
  • Named a ‘Top 10 Audit Management Solution Provider’ by GRC Outlook
  • Recognized as a ‘5-Star OHS Software and Technology Provider’ by COS
  • Named an ‘Excellence Awardee’ in the ‘Best Safety Service Provider’ by COS
  • AuditSoft’s CEO, Ben Snyman, was named one of ‘Alberta’s Top CEOs in Software’


Read about AuditSoft’s 2022 highlights in this blog.

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